AGU in America 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What Should I Wear?

Americans, especially college students, tend to dress quite casually. You won't need to bring fancy clothes to Maryland. Since it will be hot, you will probably want to wear shorts or very light slacks, or casual dresses or skirts in cool fabrics, such as cotton. The only time you may want to dress up a little bit is for our closing reception on August 14. Still, even for that, men need not have jackets and ties, and women could still dress fairly informally. You may want a light sweater or jacket because it can be quite cold indoors due to the air-conditioning.

If you like to swim, you should definitely bring your swimsuit, and a coverup to wear while walking from your hotel room to the pool. You may want a hat to shield yourself from the sun. You can bring sunblock or buy it here. There is a weight room in the hotel too, so if you plan to work out there, bring appropriate clothing.

It could rain any day, so don't forget a folding umbrella.

Bring comfortable shoes (athletic shoes are fine)--we'll be walking a lot on our various field trips! For around campus, sandals or flipflops are cool and comfortable. Remember, Americans wear the same shoes indoors and out!

There is a public laundromat just up the street from your hotel, so you will be able to wash your clothes while you are here.

If you have any questions about what to bring, just leave a comment here.


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