AGU in America 2006

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Beautiful Weather

Washington summers are famous for being "hazy, hot, and humid," but so far this summer, the weather has been wonderful (except for all that rain we had). This weekend has been particularly lovely: temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very comfortable, and low humidity. I love to sit outside on my deck and read. What's the weather like in Tokyo?

Even though the weather is pleasant here now, don't count on it being so nice when you are here in August. You should come prepared for very hot, humid weather. However, buildings, buses, and the metro are air-conditioned and can be quite cold, so you will need a sweater for inside wear. Don't forget a folding umbrella, because we often have thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening.

I took this picture of the red begonia "M" on the University of Maryland campus. It's in the center of a traffic circle, just down the street from Holzapfel Hall, where our classes will meet. It faces the campus Main Gate on Route One (Baltimore Avenue), where your hotel is located. Cheer the Turtle!


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