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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cultural Imports

American culture has had a lot of influence around the world. MacDonald's and Coca-Cola, American movies, and American popular music are just some of the many American cultural exports. We are used to exporting our culture to other countries.

Nevertheless, we have recently seen a large influx of cultural imports from Japan. Karaoke, sushi, anime and manga seem to be everywhere. My husband and I have started doing (or trying to do) the daily sudoku puzzles in the Washington Post. (We are not very good, although he is much better than I am!) Our almost-14-year-old daughter, Vicki, is a devotee of Sailor Moon, Sailor Stars, and Inuyasha. It's amazing to me to hear her singing along in Japanese to her Sailor Moon videos! She watches some of them in Japanese and has learned a few Japanese words from the captions. When I give her something, she now says, "Arigato!"


  • I'm Mimaki.It's the second visit to your blog.When I was an elementary school student,Sailor moon was very very popular animation.I watched every week and collected Sailor moon's cards.It's so interesting that I hope people all over the world to watch it.So,I think cultual imports and exports are important!
    By the way I would like to give Sailor moon's cards to Vicki.Is it OK?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jul 23, 11:07:00 PM EDT  

  • Hi!My name is Maiko Hosobami. Nice to meet you. This is the first comment for this blog. I'm enjoying this blog very much because I can feel like that I'm there. I have never gone to America,so I'm very looking forward to going there!!
    I like American movies and music, especially R&B music! I study English from music or movies like your daughter.
    I'm not good at speaking English,but I want to enjoy our trip. I'm looking forward to seeing you!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jul 24, 08:56:00 PM EDT  

  • Hello again, Mimaki! Thank you for offering some of your old Sailor Moon cards to my daughter Vicki. I think she would love that! It's very kind of you!

    By Blogger Nina Liakos, at Mon Jul 24, 09:46:00 PM EDT  

  • Hi, Maiko, and thanks for leaving a comment on the blog! You say you don't speak English very well, but you write it very well. I hope you will practice speaking when you are here, so that you feel more comfortable using English to communicate. Since you will be with your group all the time, it will be easy to speak a lot of Japanese, but if you look for opportunities to speak with Kevin, Laura, TIm, Ji Won, and me, you can get a lot of practice using English.

    By Blogger Nina Liakos, at Mon Jul 24, 09:49:00 PM EDT  

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