AGU in America 2006

Saturday, August 05, 2006

AGUers Join the Blogosphere

On Friday, August 4, all twenty AGUers created their first English language blogs! (For most of them, it was their first blog in any language.) After creating their blogs, they began to work on their first post, describing their trip here (the salient details for many were the 14-hour duration of the flight from Japan and the pleasure of watching lots of movies). Most of the students succeeded in publishing at least a short post on their first day as bloggers. :-) Links to their blogs are in the sidebar; as of this writing, 14 of the links are functioning properly.

Later, almost everybody went to the National Gallery Sculpture Garden for live jazz and art. It was a beautiful evening, a little cooler than the past few days (when the temperatures reached 100 degrees). They also visited the Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden and got their first look at the National Mall.


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